Why do you need an IT audit in Business

Today, the information technology system is growing and becoming more complex, taking more time and money. But how would I like
the results do not always justify the cost of maintaining the IT structure. Convenience and business as usual change over time
newly emerging risks. Such situations require control by managers both from within and by independent experts from the outside.
To obtain timely, relevant and systematic information, an IT audit is ordered.

For example, some of the types of IT infrastructure audit services:

1) The first service is the so-called IT survey, which is carried out privately. The service includes the collection of information required for other work.
During the survey, auditors do not analyze inaccuracies or errors and do not assess the state of the infrastructure.
2) The following service is an IT peer review. The auditors assess the feasibility and adequacy of funding for certain business decisions.
3) A technical audit includes the collection and analysis of information on the technical component of the IT infrastructure.

All audit companies provide a number of documents based on the results of verification work. As a rule, these are reports on the results of the 
IT audit of the company as a whole, as well as on the outcome of the audit of the company's information security system.

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