Selection and assembly of video systems.

Using video systems has become a daily part of our lives.

Video surveillance systems are a combination of various technical means, such as: cameras, video recorders, control devices, video monitors, and link networks.

There are two types of cameras: external and internal.

Cameras intended for outdoor use are equipped with environmental protection. The body of the street cameras has dust and waterproof properties. The materials of the body can withstand sharp temperature drops.

Cameras that are designed for installation at sites are protected against mechanical impact, hacking or intentional damage.

Technologically, cameras are divided into two types: analog and digital.

Signal from analog cameras is not converted to binary code, it goes via a coaxial cable directly to the video recorder or operator's monitor. Their main applications: private houses, entrances, small offices, small organizations.

Digital systems, including IP video surveillance, are connected via twisted pair cable or using wireless technologies and the Internet. The system is distinguished by high recording quality, high image processing speed, and convenient access to archived records.

Based on the customer's requirements and the specifics of the facility, we will select the optimal equipment and install the equipment in compliance with all norms and standards.


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